Space Wolves Wyrdstorm brotherhood and Njal Stormcaller

Author:/ Mohunky
Date:/ 18.10.16.M3
Subject:/ Space Wolves , Painting

Wyrdstorm Brotherhood reinforcements for the Ironwolves

Had a couple of plastic coloured Rune Priests hanging around for too long, and I've been using ~4 in the Wyrdstorm brotherhood formation for the last few games so time to get some paint on them. See my all comers list for details on how I've been fielding them.

I also rebased my two previous Rune Priests (the Terminator Rune Priest and the GW Rune Priest with axe and combi-melta).

One new Space Wolves Rune Priest and one rebased Two new Space Wolves Rune Priests for the great company New Space Wolves Rune Priest shoulder pad detail New Space Wolves Rune Priest staff detail


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