Space Wolves Rhinos with Razorback alternative top hatches

Author:/ Mohunky
Date:/ 22.02.17.M3
Subject:/ Space Wolves , Painting

Two more Rhino/Razorbacks for the Great Company

Krikey, been a while! I've not posted since October (Its now February). I got busy with buying renovating and moving into a house. Kinda puts the 40k on the back foot. I've also been preparing myself for getting back into racing my mountain bike but that's not for here.

To get back into the swing of it I picked up 2 Rhino/Razorbacks that I'd built just before the house stuff started. Made a couple of mistakes as I went through because I'd forgotten what I was doing but they turned out ok.

Taking a couple of months off painting and coming back to the Wolves was kind of demoralising. I know I can paint much better now but I'm holding myself back so the whole great company matches. They look fantastic when they're all together, just have to keep looking at them that way. There's now way I could paint and entire Great Company at my top level.

Enough rambling, picture time:

Space Wolves Razorbacks with assault cannons and dozer blades front on Space Wolves Assault Cannon Razorbacks with dozer blades side on Space Wolves Razorback front cupola and storm bolter Space Wolves Razorback side hatch forge world door


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