Tau Emipre army 5.jpg

Author:/ Anarion
Date:/ 07.11.16.M3
Subject:/ Tau , Checkpoint

Tau Empire Army checkpoint

So here we have every Tau model i own, displayed in all their glory!

This is the complete Hunter Cadre from Tash'Var, led my Aun' Doran himself.

This whole force comes to just over 6000pts with all units included and with upgrades added.

As you can see from the following pictures some units have been painted differently, this is because i have decided to re-paint and re-base many of the models.

I also have a fair few drones that still need to have their first coat of paint.

Next on the list for this army is the new version of the commander and a Stormsurge. 


Tau Emipre army 1.jpg Tau Emipre army 2.jpg Tau Emipre army 4.jpg Tau Emipre army 3.jpg Tau Emipre army 5.jpg Tau Emipre army 6.jpg Tau Emipre army 7.jpg Tau Emipre army 8.jpg Tau Emipre army 9.jpg Tau Emipre army 10.jpg Tau Emipre army 11.jpg Tau Emipre army 12.jpg Tau Emipre army 13.jpg Tau Emipre army.jpg


The eye of the empire, let all i record be seen by the masses, Tau'va. "Our Conquest is inevitable, our ascension a matter of time. Let none who are wise deny our destiny."



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