Three Space Wolves Dreadnoughts including Murderfang

Author:/ Mohunky
Date:/ 28.05.17.M3
Subject:/ Space Wolves , Painting

Space Wolves Dreadnoughts Painted and based

Whew! Been a looooong while since I've posted. Been pretty flat out training and racing on my mountain bike. Needed a little chill time while the wife was away so got these painted. The right most dreadnought in the above picture is fully magnetised, it can be a Venerable Dread with Fenrisian Great Axe and Shield or a normal one with any of the ranged weapons. This one was painted a long while ago but I never based it. The left most one is a wolfed up starter kit Dreadnought so only the ranged weapons can be switched out.

On with some close ups:

Space Wolves Dreadnought Assault Cannon Space Wolves Dreadnought Wolf Claw close combat weapon Space Wolves Murderfang front view Space Wolves Murderfang back view


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