Harlequins Group Shot

Author:/ Mohunky
Date:/ 14.03.18.M3
Subject:/ Harlequins , Painting , Escalation

Painting a Harlequins Escalation Force

Eesh, long time no post. Business has been good and I've been racing my bike. 40k got sidelined.

I have slowly been painting up a Harlequin force though. Fielding them tonight in an mini escalation muck-a-bout. Just about have 500pts, at a push now. Although the Troupe Master is counting as an extra player. The 5th member of the troupe is still on the painting table, along with the next 5-player troupe.

So far I've painted:

  • 1x Shadowseer
  • 1x Solitaire
  • 1x Troupe Master
  • 4x Troupe Players
  • 1x Starweaver

On the painting bench:

  • 6x Troupe Players

In the box to be built:

  • 1x Starweaver

As always, here's some juicy pictures:


Harlequin Shadowseer Front Harlequin Shadowseer back Harlequin Solitaire Front Harlequin Solitaire Back Harlequin Troupe Master Harlequin Troupe Harlequin Starweaver front left Harlequin Starweaver front right Harlequin Starweaver rear


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