Author:/ Mohunky
Date:/ 22.04.19.M3
Subject:/ Harlequins , Painting , Reference

Harlequins Paint Reference

Colour reference for my Harlequins. Mostly using Games Workshops scheme for the Midnight Sorrow but I have subbed in a few colours.


Recommended Alternative Used for
Abaddon Black Vallejo Black Prime Model
Caledor Sky Calgar Blue Diamonds Base Colour
Lothern Blue   Blue Diamonds
Mephiston Red   Red Diamonds
Evil Sunz Scarlet Blood Red Highlight Red Diamonds
Baharroth Blue   Highlight Blue Diamonds & Hair Highlights
Dark Reaper Eshin Grey Black Mid Highlight
Fenrisian Grey   Black Highlight
Retributor Armour   Gold metals base
Agrax Earthshade   Gold metals Shade & Wraithbone ruins shade
Liberator Gold   Gold Metals Highlight
Stormhost Silver Runefang Gold Metals 2nd Highlight
Leadbelcher   Silver Metals base
Nuln Oil   Silver Metals shade, Purple sash shade & Hair shade
Averland Sunset   Yellows base colour
Seraphim Sepia   Yellows shade
Yriel Yellow   Yellows mid-highlight
White Scar Ceramite White Yellows highlight & Mask highlight
Screamer Pink Warlock Purple Purple Sash base & mid highlight after wash
Slaanesh Grey   Purple Sash highlight & Hair highlight
Celestra Grey   Mask base colour
Drakenhof Nightshade Asurman Blue Mask shade
Vallejo Game Air Wolf Grey   Mask mid highlight
Xereus Purple Liche Purple half hair hair
Sotek Green   half hair hair
Soulstone Blue   Ove Runefang to make gem
Zandri Dust   Wraithbone ruins the model is standing on
Ushabti Bone Bleached Bone Wraithbone ruins highlights



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