Author:/ Mohunky
Date:/ 18.04.16.M3
Subject:/ Space Wolves , Escalation , Painting

Escalation: Space Wolves Skyclaws

Here’s my first Space Wolves pack for our Escalation challenge, a pack of 7 Skyclaws.

The squad is made up of 6 Skyclaws, 2 with flamers, the rest with bolt pistol and Chainsword. And then a Wolf Guard Pack Leader who has a Wolf Claw and a combi-flamer. Should be nice and toasty if they ever make it close enough. I intend to bulk this pack out to a full 10 man squad eventually.

Here’s some pics.


Sapce-wolves-sky-claw-with-flamer-pack-markings.jpg Space-wolves-sky-claws-wolf-guard-pack-leader.jpg Space-wolves-sky-claw-close-up.jpg


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