DFC PHR Cruisers 2.jpg

Author:/ Anarion
Date:/ 28.11.16.M3
Subject:/ Dropfleet Commander , Painting

Dropfleet Commander - PHR Cruisers

Here is the first three completed ship for my PHR fleet. A Ganymede, Orion and Theseus. Both the Orion and the Ganymede have been magneted so they can be switched out. This is for the broadsides and the chin options. I have another two cruisers and 6 frigates to complete for my 999 points list. 

DFC PHR Cruiser top view.jpg DFC PHR Cruiser.jpg DFC PHR Cruisers 2.jpg DFC PHR Cruisers 3.jpg DFC PHR Cruisers 4.jpg DFC PHR Cruisers close up.jpg DFC PHR Ganymede Cruiser side view.jpg DFC PHR Ganymede Cruiser front view.jpg DFC PHR Cruisers side view.jpg DFC PHR Ganymede Cruiser.jpg DFC PHR Orion Cruiser front view.jpg DFC PHR Orion Cruiser.jpg DFC PHR Theseus Cruiser.jpg DFC PHR Theseus Cruiser side view.jpg


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