The Thanos sector, located to the east of the main spiral arm of Segmentum Ultra, far from Holy Terra.

Scans of the sector indicate that there are 9 objects in the system that warrant interest.There are 5 celestial bodies of varying size and climate (intelligence report Sigma Octanes contains the indepth planetary makeup), 1 asteroid belt, the Space Wolves Battle Barge: Gylfarheim, the Imperial research vessel Amber Stone, and one unknown hulk with the current designation of "Unknown" (initial intelligence reports indicate it is of Tyranid origin).

Imperium control have dominated the larger planets for some time now; even allowing time to set up a research base, a Space Marine Garrison, as well as towns and cities. However, not all the planets are hospitable, and the light of the Emperors Astronomicon barely touches this isolated system, and this isolation is beginning to show. In a sector where everything natural and unnatural is volatile, the Imperium are the invaders; from extreme environments, harsh temperatures, suspicious locals, traitorous heretics, foul raiding Xenos.

The Imperium forces are starting to struggle to maintain their control.

This is Thanos, a system on the precipice of war